The LA Independent Venue Coalition is a collective of owners, managers, and promoters from LA’s live entertainment venues who have banded together to support the community and influence the industry. The LAIVC’s goal is not only to help guide state and local policies governing independent venues but also to keep people at the center of conversations affecting our industry.

As the first businesses to close and the last to reopen, the live entertainment industry has experienced incredible economic losses. With little to no revenue-generating options and no relief from day-to-day expenses, many independent venues are in danger of closing.

And a shuttered venue is not just another closed building. The closures have not only forced thousands of employees onto unemployment, but have deprived artists of a place to hone their craft, and robbed the city of one of its most valuable cultural currencies.

The LAIVC advocates the value and importance of our economic and cultural contribution to the LA area and beyond. We actively pursue guidance and support from the City of Los Angeles and the State of California. Together we aim to preserve the diverse community of independent venues and economic opportunity for every owner, employee, and partner in our wonderful cultural ecosystem.

Leadership Team

Heather Martin, Co-Chair

Because the Night

Liz Garo, Co-Chair

The Alibi Palm Springs

Kora Peterson

McCabe’s Guitar Shop

Stephen Acosta

Silverlake Lounge

Daniel Fazio

Dynasty Typewriter

Gia Hughes

Hotel Cafe